24 Feb 2017

Window Treatments

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It's an exciting time getting those keys for your brand new Golden Home! If you haven't already got your window treatments sorted, here are some helpful tips and suggestions to get you started.

Current Trends

An era of simplicity has taken over and has held its ground for quite some time, showing us that the understated trend is still very current and here to stay. Far gone are the days where we opted for heavy draped curtains, pelmets and swags; now there is more of a focus on clean lines, practical and simple solutions.


Blinds are more popular than ever, helping to form clean and contemporary spaces. Not only do they provide remedies to small rooms, they are also practical and relatively low maintenance. Roman, venetian, roller and shutter blinds are seen in both modern apartments to old villas, demonstrating how versatile the products are.

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"Layering" has now become a more popular way to dress windows and bring a sense of interest and warmth to a space. The term "layering" is when you choose to use two or more options to finish your window. This is more commonly seen by fixing a roman or roller blind inside the window frame and then softening the look by hanging a simple drape to finish, while keeping things relatively simple and contemporary. Although this is a "double cost" it is something you won't do again for quite some time, and you will not be disappointed with the finished result.

Neutral Tones

While the use of strong colour is a wonderful way to add punch to a room, you won't really see a full length burgundy drape anymore. There is now a focus on neutral tones that blend rather than contrast. This trend not only provides options to change your accent colour, it also helps to make your space flow, adding continuity to your home. You may only update your window furnishings twice in your life, so this neutral trend can have great longevity if you choose your colours wisely.

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Go for the investment

Custom made options may initially seem daunting and come with a hefty price tag; however, you won't be disappointed with the finished result. The investment will not only provide your home with more value; custom made window furnishings will instantly transform each space and provide a finishing standard that no readymade option can offer.

10 Suggestions and Tips

  1. Keep your blind colour and style consistent throughout your home, keeping a seamless look and flow.

  2. Tone your window dressings to compliment your overall colour scheme. Consider your walls, flooring and other key features in the room.

  3. Curtains can fail the adaptability test and can either be too thin, letting out warmth or letting too much light in. They can also look heavy and overwhelm a space. Avoid all these issues, opt for sheer drapes with a good block out lining (hung on separate tracks). The sheer drape will provide privacy and help control the light, while the blackout lining will be practical and provide insulation.

  4. Small space? Venetian, roman and roller blinds create a minimalist look which can make a room look and feel more spacious.

  5. Have a large room that needs "filling"? Opt for a layering look. Fix a blind inside the window frame and finish with a floor length drape.

  6. Want to create a bit of drama? Hang your full length drape more than 150mm above the architrave. The higher your drape the more drama you get.

  7. Keep a clean and minimalist feel by opting for professionally made and well hung drapes. Opt for a simple pleat drape, such as an inverted pleat (reverse of the Dutch pleat). This pleat is ideal for plain and textured fabrics and will help to create a simple yet stylish look.

  8. Keep your drapes hanging seamlessly by having them made to skim the floor. This allows for any changes in the atmosphere that may affect the way the fabric falls.

  9. Love drapes in linens and natural fibres? Ensure you invest in a good quality lining to protect the fabric from New Zealand's harsh sun. Want the look of linen, but not the price tag? There are loads of manmade options out there that will give you the look you want without the cost. The beauty of these fabrics is that they wear impressively well and hold up to New Zealand's harsh UV.

  10. Consider the details. Opt for curtain tracks and hardware that complement the finer details of your home. Keep things simple and contemporary, yet timeless.