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Auckland South

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Auckland South

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Drury Showhome

With the original Golden Homes Drury Showhome built in 1996;

We've been privileged to work with families helping them build their dream homes for over two decades.

We understand that building a home is more than just bricks and mortar; it's about creating a place where memories are made and cherished for years to come.

Our team is proud to build houses on lifestyle blocks throughout the Franklin and Manukau districts, as well as in and around Pukekohe, Waiuku, Papakura, Beachlands, and many more.

When you visit our showhome in Drury, you'll see why so many New Zealanders have chosen Golden Homes when building a new family home.

Built to our five-bedroom Continental plan, our Drury Showhome is just one example of the classic designs Golden Homes has to offer.

We believe in delivering exceptional quality and value to our customers, and we're honoured that homeowners have been blown away by the pricing and specifications they get with Golden Homes.

Explore the dynamic expanse of Southern Auckland, extending from the heart of the city to the eastern shores of the Manukau Harbour. This vibrant region seamlessly blends urban sophistication with the tranquillity of sprawling rural landscapes and mangrove-laden estuaries.

Venture into the Franklin District, bordered by the northern Waikato plains, the Hunua Ranges, the Firth of Thames to the southeast, and Port Waikato at the mouth of the Waikato River to the southwest. While predominantly rural, this area is witnessing significant development, with the prominent New Zealand Steel steel mill at Glenbrook standing as a key local industry.

As Auckland continues its unstoppable expansion, the Golden Homes team stands ready to embark on a journey of constructing quality homes for our customers. Our commitment to excellence ensures that, for years to come, we'll be at the forefront of ushering new residents into homes that reflect the enduring spirit of Southern Auckland.

Drury Showhome
Drury Showhome
Drury Showhome
Drury Showhome

Drury Showhome
Drury Showhome


Showhome Team

Mike Cosier
Mike Cosier

Sales Manager & New Home Consultant
027 359 7333

Steve Blake
Steve Blake

New Home Consultant
021 478 860

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About the South Auckland Region

The Auckland isthmus has been a cherished land for over a millennium by the Tāngata Māori, and the Ngati Whatua Iwi community has a deep connection to the Auckland basin as their ancestral home. Today, the region is an epitome of cultural diversity, with over 181 ethnic groups coexisting harmoniously, and it's home to the world's largest Pacific Island population.

Auckland South is a cultural tapestry that showcases the rich and vibrant heritage of its diverse ethnic groups. It's a community infused with a wealth of cultural influences, creating a unique and exciting environment to explore. As we build homes in this region, we are committed to celebrating the diversity that makes Auckland South a special and welcoming place to call home.

Take Papakura, for instance;

A thriving community that is expected to double in size by 2050.

Despite its rapid growth, the region boasts a robust infrastructure, including many educational institutions and healthcare services.

If you venture into the Franklin District, you'll find yourself bordered by the stunning Waikato plains, the majestic Hunua Ranges, and the tranquil Firth of Thames. And let's not forget Port Waikato, situated at the mouth of the Waikato River to the southwest, which is undergoing significant development, including the New Zealand Steel steel mill at Glenbrook.

As Auckland continues to expand at an unstoppable pace, we're ready to build quality Golden homes for our customers.

Our commitment to excellence ensures that we will be at the forefront of welcoming new residents to the area. We're not just building homes; we're building a community where cultural diversity thrives, and everyone feels welcomed and valued. So why wait? Come and join us in Auckland South, where the spirit of community and the wonders of nature meet.