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About the Canterbury Region

What does Golden Homes tag line "It's a BETTER home you own" actually stand for?
At Golden Homes Canterbury, we pride ourselves on providing all inclusive quotes that work with your budget and your wish list.
No PC sums or hidden costs.
We have fixed price contracts to include Driveway, Paths, Patios, Fences, Internal Gate, Letterbox and Clothesline.
One of the biggest mistakes people make, is to assume that all builders build the same.
Shopping around based on price as your main priority, could be a recipe for disaster. Of course it is important, but so is the quality, the contract, and the inclusions.
Ask questions that look beyond price alone and examine how the house is actually constructed; what are the bones of the house, what's behind the walls, and what quality of products are being used to construct your new home; do your research.
Whether you are looking for a pre-designed House & Land Package, or a custom Design / Build to suit your own section (or one of our sections), talk to one of our experienced team.
Whether you are looking for a first home, 2nd, 3rd or 4th home....our team have a wealth of knowledge that they would love to share with you.
Remember, your home or investment property is likely to be your biggest asset.