29 Apr 2020

Top 4 things to consider when visiting a show home

Visiting a show home gives you a chance to first-hand look at home builders’ work. You can explore the layout, run your hand along the finishes, soak in the space and imagine what it would be like to live there.

It’s an exciting experience and allows you to figure out what matters most to you in your home and which features will best suit your lifestyle

Here are some questions to ask yourself when you step inside a show home.

Floor Plan – Flow & style

Do the rooms feel connected, do they give a sense of space?

Is your family growing or getting smaller?

Does the kitchen space work for you? Is it positioned to your liking?

Will you need access to the garage? Is a walk-in wardrobe a priority?

Will the home provide adequate storage for you/your family?



Single story or two story?

What draws you to the room? Colours, textures?

What are your preferred heating sources - Fire place? Heat pumps? Gas? Electric?

Are the build materials classic, or modern?

Are you impressed by the cladding?

Quality & Feel

Does it stand out from other homes?

Does the home feel inviting? What’s your first impression?

Can you customise the plan to suit you, or do you want to see other available plans?

What materials were used in the build? Are they quality materials?


Are they friendly/approachable?

Did they answer your questions?

Does the design/build process appeal to you?

Do they have case studies and testimonials that you can read and/or look at?


It’s good to keep these questions in mind when visiting or looking at any show home. Remember take your time, don’t rush the process take the time to ensure you feel confident in your decisions when choosing your home!

Visit a Golden Homes show homes today and experience the difference in the quality of construction, materials used, and the finishing! Check out our website to see our show home locations.

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