21 Mar 2023

The Moment You've Been Waiting For is Here.

Fluctuating house prices and interest rates can be intimidating subjects for home buyers, making the idea of buying a home feel like a fever dream for some. However, these figures aren’t something to be afraid of. Home buyers can have confidence knowing there are more rewarding options than investing in pre-existing builds.  

Imagine this; 

Moving into a brand-new home with a 10-year warranty, architecturally illustrated by New Zealand designers and tailored to your preferences and requirements. All wrapped up as a fixed-price House & Land Package.  

Well, imagine no further. We’re here to make your dreams your reality. 

Golden Homes House & Land packages are an incredible choice for new home buyers, stripping back the complexities and removing the financial uncertainty that can come with building a home. Our build process offers complete guidance from the initial stages of selection and design to the final stages of being handed the keys to your brand-new home. 

In recent times, financial specialists have been able to shed light on the current market and remedy the fears of new home buyers, suggesting that if you can afford to buy, now is an opportune time. But why? 

The Real Estate Institute of New Zealand’s House Price Index (HPI), which measures the changing value of residential property nationwide, has shown that an annual decrease of 13.7% has occurred, which coincides with the fall in sale prices that we are currently seeing. However, according to REINZ, over the past five years, there has still been a net increase of the median sale price of 41.5%, and over the past ten years, it equals 102.6 %, proving that there is still strong capital growth within the housing market. Understandably, the elevated interest rates may feel daunting for aspiring buyers. However, sources state that this is not something to fear as this is not unchartered territory for the market. If we were to put aside the concerns of deflation that occurred when rates were pushed to record-breaking lows, constrained by the pandemic, the rates we are currently experiencing are near the median rate for the ten years concluding in 2018. 

CEO of Golden Homes New Zealand, Shane Helms, aims to provide new home buyers with a sense of stability, describing Golden Homes House & Land packages as a “safe space” for buyers. “For over 30 years, Golden Homes have been working alongside New Zealanders to build beautiful, high-quality homes specifically designed for New Zealand lifestyles and conditions. During our years of experience, we have perfected our craft to the finest of details, ensuring a high standard for all specifications, including fittings, finishes and building materials. We pride ourselves in the fact that, even with our fixed price packages, the level of quality remains the same.”. 

Golden Homes are renowned for their commitment to excellence, providing New Zealanders with their high-quality Gold Standard Building System for a decade. This methodology has grown and evolved alongside our ever-changing environment. Shane revealed, “Amidst our years of experience, we have consistently strived to ensure that we are mindful of New Zealand lifestyles, remaining open-minded to the variable requisites and preferences of kiwis, and adapting accordingly as these develop. Our Gold Standard Building System is a clear representation of that.”. 

Effectively speaking, if you have the financial means to invest, there is no better time than the present. You be assured knowing that the odds are in your favour and that the security and reward of investing in a House & Land Package will ensure that you can achieve exactly what you’ve been dreaming of. 

 We encourage you to make the leap and seize this Golden opportunity!