The Scott Family
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The Scott Family

Who Lives here?

Duan and Sallie Scott, as well as Alex and Crystal (son and daughter-in-law) and Millie the dog. Duan and Sallie's 9 year old grandson Phoenix visits each week.

Life in our new Golden Home

"We make good use of our yard - Duan enjoys pottering around outside and creating our new garden, and our grandson Phoenix loves playing outside with our dog Millie. I (Sallie) enjoy sitting in the run and reading or knitting. Together we enjoy having friends- old and new- around for a meal. It is nice to host in a new, stylish home.

We kept the bathroom and bedroom colours neutral throughout the house and have used curtains and accessories to add colour and create a different feel to each room."

What is surprising about this home?

"This is the first time that we have had double glazing, so it's significantly warmer than our previous homes. And we're really enjoying having a house with minimal creaking and cracking sounds! Choosing everything throughout the design process was really enjoyable and the Golden Homes® team were quite helpful- they made great suggestions."

What do you love the most about your new home?

"It's cosy and comfortable- it fits our purposes and we can see ourselves living in it for a long time. The lounge is relaxing, the kitchen is efficient and the bedrooms are comfortable. We couldn't really choose which room is our favourite!"

The Scott Family
The Scott Family

The Golden Homes Team

"The first house we looked at that was under construction was a Golden Home and we really liked it. That got us thinking!

Golden Homes have a good management team which kept everything well on track- the build was completed within the time frame. We also appreciated the 3 month quality check- we've heard of other builders only offering 1 month, which isn't quite long enough to test out the quality and finish of a home. The 3 month allowance was quite generous".

The kitchen as originally smaller than what we have now, but the Golden Homes® team suggested that we bring the wall out to match the other side of the main door entrance, which resulted in a much longer and very useful kitchen. We like having the family close and being able to chat while preparing food- Phoenix likes helping Poppa in the kitchen."