First Home Buyers

See if you qualify for a HomeStart grant of up to $20,000.

As of April 1st 2015, there are two government grants available to support Kiwis buying their first home: HomeStart, the Government's new KiwiSaver grant and Welcome Home Loans, from Housing New Zealand Corporation. These are two separate grants, however if used together by eligible individuals or couples, it is possible to fund the deposit for a new home at no additional out of pocket cost.

HomeStart allows first home buyers to allocate all of their KiwiSaver contributions (including individual contributions, employer contributions and government tax credits) to be used towards the deposit of a first home purchase or build.

With the introduction of the KiwiSaver HomeStart Grant on April 1 2015, first home buyers are potentially eligible to receive grants of up to $10,000 for individuals and $20,000 for couples.

Home Start Grant

How it works

When first home buyers build a Golden Home, the support is potentially in comparison to buying an existing home!

3 Years in Kiwisaver

$12,000 (Max) - Couples Grant
$6,000 (Max) - Single Grant

4 Years in Kiwisaver

$16,000 (Max) - Couples Grant
$8,000 (Max) - Single Grant

5 Years in Kiwisaver

$20,000 (Max) - Couples Grant
$10,000 (Max) - Single Grant

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House & Land packages in the First Home Buyer price bracket.

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