18 Mar 2021

Golden Opportunity For Affordable New Builds & First Home Buyers In Queenstown

Ethical developers who are offering affordable sections for first home buyers means demand in Queenstown for new builds is stronger than ever, with 25 sections recently snapped up within 30 minutes of going on sale.

Hanley’s Farm in Queenstown (a 10-minute drive from Frankton) offers 400m² sections for $320,000 and means a brand-new home can be built for as little as $650,000 in total.

“The developers, RCL, are doing the right thing by the community,” says Ethan Smith, Director of Golden Homes Southern Lakes. “They have a rare covenant in place so people can’t on-sell the land without having built on it first. That means people can’t simply make money by sitting on the land and not adding to the housing stock which is a really good thing in my opinion.”