27 Jun 2019

Outdoor heating tips

Three ways to keep your outdoor living area warm this winter

Outdoor heating tips

We believe outdoor living should be enjoyed all year round, not just during the summer months!

We have put together a few tips to keep you toasty warm when entertaining outside this winter - so, grab the woolly blankets and a hot drink and check out these options…

For an existing outdoor living area:

  1. Fireplace or brazier Looks good, brings a sense of cosiness and character to your outdoor area and can double as a marshmallow roaster or even an oven!

  2. Gas bottle heaters Easy to run, very effective, affordable and can be stored during the warmer months.

  3. Electric radiant heaters This is the easiest option to keep warm, but only suitable for short-term use as they can hurt your pockets when it’s time to pay the power bill!

Things to think about when building a new home/outdoor space:

  1. It’s all about location. Position the outdoor area so that you are sheltered from winter’s southerlies or south westerly winds.

  2. If you can’t escape the wind. If your outdoor area is exposed to the wind elements, look at creating a stand-alone structure with drop-down windows for added shelter.

  3. Outdoor power supply. It would be worthwhile at the time of construction to add a gas bayonet or an outdoor power point to the area. A gas bayonet means you tap into the gas supply from your street, so you don’t need to ever have an empty bottle to be filled at the gas station. That power point can come in handy for that future spa pool too!