10 Feb 2020

Our Racy New Sponsorship!

Golden Homes is now a proud sponsor of the North Island Endurance Racing Drivers Championship (NIERDC).

Golden Homes CEO, Shane Helms, says the NIERDC appealed to the company as it is a professionally run series with arguably the best line-up of race cars currently seen in New Zealand motorsport.

“It does not matter what car the driver has, or whether they’re a professional or amateur - the NIERDC allows them all to race. For example, an entry level $2,000 cup car can race on the same grid as a McLaren GT3,” says Helms.

“Without continued sponsorship these types of events would struggle to be able to offer the great opportunity to all to live their passion.” Sponsorship adds value to all drivers’ experience.

Endurance racing is one of the fastest growing racing disciplines in NZ. The major sponsorship is a three-year partnership and includes Golden Homes naming rights of the series.