19 Oct 2022

Our First Home With Golden Homes Five Years On - Stacey Banfield

This December it will be five years since we built our first home with Golden Homes and we can’t quite believe just how quick time has gone.

The building experience for us was such a positive one. Regan was in the military at the time so was away a lot, this meant I had to make a lot of decisions on my own which of course felt overwhelming at times, but we had such a great team to count on to help explain things thoroughly.

We were so lucky to get our hands on a House & Land Package with Golden Homes, it was exactly what we needed at the time. For first home buyers the packages are definitely the way to go, we didn’t need something too lavish, we just wanted a place to call home.

The best part about the packages is that if you want to upgrade or customise things further you absolutely can and there’s many options to choose from. We were in our early twenties and didn’t want to over capitalise for our first home, as pre Covid we thought we would only be here for a couple of years before moving on, so we chose to keep things pretty simple.

We did do a couple of extra things like extending our master bedroom slightly as we knew we had a super king bed so wanted to ensure we had room for that. We upgraded the wardrobes because, well, I like clothing a bit too much and needed extra space!

The one upgrade I really wish we had done was add in the landscaping package. As two people who hate gardening that definitely is something we often say we wish we had left to the pros, it’s been a lot of work over the years and took us quite some time to finish off ourselves.

Our first building journey taught us so much and having now been in our home for quite a few years now we have definitely been able to plan out what we would like in our next home which will more customised.