12 May 2017

Kids Bedrooms

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Create a stylish, fun, cosy and practical space for your little one

Make it their Space

A child's bedroom is their sanctuary. They spend so much of their time in their space, whether it's to sleep, play or learn. It is important that their room reflects who they are and their little personality.

It's easy to get creative these days (and in a cost-effective way) with great stores such as Kmart, where you can often find great little nick-naks. Whether it is a cute cushion, shelf, rug or set of bunting - the options are endless!

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Creating Longevity

Not a fan of your little ones' colour of choice and prefer a room that you can transport through the years? Go for neutral walls.

Neutral tones can also be great as they can calm a busy space. Don't be afraid to tone your child's wall colour down or keep it in line with the rest of the house. There are so many ways you can introduce fun and interest with decor, lighting and artwork. This idea who also provides you with the beauty of changing the accessories to suit your child's age; moving from a nursery through to pre-school, even tween years!

Decal stickers (like the coloured spots pictured below) can be a fantastic way to add a bit of colour and personality to a space. However, opt for good quality stickers which can be removed with ease, leaving a neutral plate to work with again.

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Lighting can be a great way to create a calming atmosphere and add interest into your child's room. Think outside the box and use lights that may not typically be associated with a "child's room." There are endless options out there, as well as cost effective choices. Even a simple set of fairy lights can transform a space and create enjoyment for your little one.

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Floor Rugs

Floor rugs are not only a practical way to warm up a room, they can also be a great feature. With the use of the right pattern and colour floor rugs can also make a room feel more spacious. The images show how stripes can be a great way to create a sense of space, while adding interest and bringing the room theme together.

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Storage options are so vital in children's bedrooms as there are so many bits and pieces that can take over. Although a busy environment is healthy for children, it is also important to create a calm and organised space.

Get creative in ways to add storage; whether it's through up-cycling an old piece of furniture, using regular house hold items or utilising funny spaces. Storage can also be a great way to add personality colour and patterns.