08 Mar 2022

Benefits of ZOG Steel Framing

ZOG is a comprehensively engineered steel framing system that has been specifically designed for New Zealand's unique conditions and the demand from home-owners for a stronger, more durable and healthier living environment.

ZOG steel frames exceed expectations in earthquakes. Tested independently in Australia, the steel frame and bricks successfully exceeded 9 on the Richter scale. ZOG’s patented bottom plate anchors were 100% successful in the Christchurch earthquakes. 

Electrical Safety
ZOG steel frames are permanently earthed in accordance with the requirements of the local electrical authorities. Steel is an excellent conductor of electricity it is improbable that any current could pass through a person instead of the frame to earth system. Non-conducting building materials with higher electrical resistances than steel actually increase the chance that more current will pass through the person.

Fire Safety
ZOG steel frames do not ignite, propagate or add fuel to a fire resulting in a home that has high fire resistance. Golden Homes utilise premium 10mm Ultraline® on ceilings and 10mm Ultraline on walls throughout their homes as a standard specification. The frames and trusses will not burn and are electrically safe, largely reducing the flammable materials in your home. ZOG steel is engineered to be used for our roof battens, along with fire retardant roofing paper. 

ZOG steel frames are chemical, allergen and dust-free. ZOG steel doesn’t support mould growth or rot and its stability gives it the potential to reduce cracks in claddings and linings. ZOG steel does not contain additional preservative chemicals and won’t give off gases or emit violent chemicals.

ZOG steel is manufactured in New Zealand from locally mined iron-sand, 100% recyclable and approximately 55% of all steel in use has been produced from recycled scrap. As ZOG steel frames are so dimensionally straight, trades people find there is no need for packing to compensate for non-linear dimensions as is often the case with timber framing. The dimensionally stable properties of ZOG steel framing assists in providing a very high standard of internal finish that will last as it will not warp, twist or shrink after installation.

Humidity is the temperature at which water vapour first condenses. This temperature is known as the “dew-point”. The engineered ZOG steel frame system has a Home-RAB thermal break and hence remains above dew-point. Timber does not have a thermal break and may often fall below its dew-point. Without a thermal break, timber frames will condensate at higher temperatures, any moisture on timber can start deterioration that can continue even after it dries. When any moisture on steel dries, the steel will not rust.

Keeping Up Appearances
A ZOG steel frame home will not twist, shrink or warp, significantly reducing the chance of unsightly plaster cracking, saggy ceilings, bowed walls and jamming doors or windows.

ZOG represents the leading edge in framing for homes in New Zealand with steel framing being the only framing material for which any kind of structural durability warranty is offered. ZOG steel frames come with a 50 year durability warranty from New Zealand Steel.