22 Sep 2021

6 Tips for Creating a Great Home Office Space

With working from home becoming more common place, we have compiled 6 tips to make it a space you want to burn the midnight oil in.

  1. Consider the best location. You are likely to be spending a large proportion of time there. Can you deal with interruptions and distractions? If not, your office should be tucked away in a quiet place.

  2. Think about what you actually need. Practicality and functionality are important. Use space efficiently by hanging floating shelves on walls or use wooden or metal cube storage. Vertical file folders on the desk are great to keep papers within arms-reach. If you need lots of storage space, tall shelving units can make the most of vertical space.

  3. Give yourself an outlook. A window is ideal and allows for natural light but if you are in a windowless space, placing your chair towards the door instead of a wall can be beneficial. Alternatively, artwork you love placed above your desk adds interest.

  4. Beautify your space. Colour psychology can really affect the way you feel and people respond in different ways to colour. Paint the walls a colour that makes you sing and then select accessories to match. Hiding cords can assist in reducing the space looking cluttered, and don’t forget about adding a touch of nature such as a plant, which has been proven to make workspaces happier and healthier.

  5. Don’t scrimp on your office chair. Choose one that is visually appealing, comfortable and ergonomically correct. You won’t regret spending on a great chair.

  6. Ensure you have good lighting. Dark spaces can make you feel uninspired so opt for natural light if possible - if you don’t have a lot, a mirror in the room can reflect any natural light you do have. Lampshades can soften and scatter otherwise harsh light, such as the glare of overhead lighting and a floor lamp directed upwards will bounce light off walls and the ceiling. The aim is to illuminate the room without creating glare and contrasting shadows.