Donna's Minor
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Donna's Minor

Who lives here?

Donna Chalmers lives in the minor dwelling alongside her daughter Kay, husband Rob and their 4 children.

Nestled amidst a beautiful 6.5 acre lifestyle block in Waitoki, Auckland. The lifestyle block is also home to cattle, sheep, pigs and chooks.

Design & Layout

"I'm really impressed with how well the design works for me and my lifestyle, I came from a 400m2 home in Gulf Harbour and am now living in a 65m2 minor and garage. I had imagined the change to be hard, but its so spacious and open. I love how the house is positioned to fully appreciate the view.

I run my business from home, so I had to make sure the design and layout was functional and worked well for me day to day, I also hate housework so I absolutely love my little home. It's so easy and low maintenance?

Personal Touch

"It was important I had a home with a bit of personality and I wanted it to reflect my own style, Golden Homes let me design and put my stamp on the plan and layout, so I really feel like it's my own.

I had the most fabulous time choosing the kitchen. Golden Homes sent me on a weekend away to Rotorua, where I met their designer who was so knowledgeable and had thought of all the detail I hadn't."

Donna's Minor
Donna's Minor

Family Life

"It's great being so close to Kay and the family. I love how the grandkids can just pop by and visit. I always make sure there's home baking in the pantry!

It was important that both the homes felt very seperate and private. Golden Homes helped us position the homes in such a way that we feel we have definitely achieved that."

Building with Golden Homes

"Kay, Rob and I all enjoyed the process of building with Golden Homes. Like any build, there's always the odd thing that comes back, but Golden Homes always kept us well informed and were easy to contact when we needed them."